Wearables: demand needs the right product.

Wearable speculation is rife with an Apple event on the horizon. The tech is there - but it needs to right product to create demand.

It’s all over the web – an Apple event on September 9th. New iPhones are the surest bet. But will we also get something brand new – like the much-rumoured wearables? Well, perhaps. Certainly the event is in a bigger venue than normal, and there’s some interesting construction underway.

However, the NEXT blog is not at home to speculation and rumour at the moment – there’s the rest of the tech web for that. We’ll be here to do analysis after the event – and the other events coming up in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, this post by Horace Dediu is well worth reading, to help pas the time… He explores how the next industry to be disrupted is becoming more predictable, just by looking at how small computers are getting:

So if we follow the “packaging” constraint, it’s clear that computers are becoming small enough to be worn. Many prototypes exist and even small companies can build them.

All that is needed is a new user interface and a new platform will be born. Once a platform is born, the creativity of millions can be unleashed to expand the problem set that can be solved. The process then repeats.

This, then, is his key argument for wearables being next. It’s not that there’s a demand for smart clothing – it’s that the technology exists to make them possible, and that the right product will create the demand.

Interestingly, he goes on to point out that consumer spending on clothes is falling in the US – principally because teens are not using clothes to define their identity, as they once did. That role has fallen to mobile technology. Now, if that tech finds its way into clothes…