Happy NEXT Year! 10 expert views on marketing innovation

Rethink digital strategy! How the latest innovations will shape marketing in 2015.

Rethink digital strategy! How will the latest innovations shape marketing in 2015?

More than ever, meeting the new demands of the user necessitates a clear and decisive rejection of well-established marketing routines. This, in turn, requires a company culture that is oriented towards the needs and interests of the user in every way – with leadership that is actively shaping the digital change.

The major task here is to conceive ideas fit for the future, constantly developing and refining digital user experiences.

In NEXT Year! experts like NEXT programme director Peter Bihr, etailment editor-in-chief Olaf Kolbrück and NEXT chairman Matthias Schrader (CEO SinnerSchrader) shed a light on innovations and trends that marketing decision makers can deploy to enhance their brand strategy. They show what is needed to build a perfect brand experience: a smart combination of

  • commerce
  • connection
  • content
  • and campaign.

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