Google Glass’s healthy afterlife

Now it's no longer being touted as a consumer product, Google Glass might be finally finding a market.

Buzzfeed has an interesting article on the afterlife of Google Glass:

Now, Phelan dons the smartglasses daily in his concierge medicine practice in Menlo Park, California. A Glass app transcribes his conversations with patients and updates their records, and he no longer needs to spend up to 90 minutes a day manually typing up notes. Virtually no patients have objected, he said.

“It’s a big waste of time for somebody who’s making clinical decisions to enter data into a computer,” Phelan told BuzzFeed News. “I’m going to generate a better record because I’m talking to a patient and answering great questions — I don’t have my nose stuck in an [electronic health record].”

If Google can let go of its Apple envy, and focus on making Google Glass a really good product for business use, I think it mights still end up as a success. Not a consumer-scale success, sure, but not everything needs to be consumer-scale. There’s very good money to be made in the business world, too.