Smart watches are about to make in-flight service better

The Apple Watch has barely been out for 10 days, yet smart businesses are already thinking how to improve customer experience with it.

Talking, as we were, of the intersection between tech and aviation, in-slight entertainment and passenger experience are taking a good look at what wearables can do for flying:

Wearables will first change the way the flight deck and the cabin communicate, says Rodriguez, who is currently the company’s lead on wearables within the cabin. No longer will flight attendants need to pick up a wired telephone to speak with the cockpit, with wrist-to-flight-deck talking the way forward.

The aviation industry has earned a reputation for being tech-hostile, because of the long ban on using electronics during take off and landing. But as that eases, and in-flight wifi becomes increasingly common, tech is starting to redefine the passenger cabins.

The article, by John Walton for the Runway Girl Network, is triggered by the Apple Watch (inevitably), but it might be better news for a different tech company:

SITA OnAir’s Rodriguez has firm views on the wearables platform too. Initially, airlines rolled out iPad-based systems, since Apple’s iOS is widely familiar to the greatest number of potential users. With the evolution of Microsoft’s Surface platform, the enterprise IT benefits of integrating Surface tablets with wider airline systems are driving a new generation of product rollouts.

But less exciting for Google:

Rodriguez identifies the openness of the Android platform as a significant drawback to its implementation in the aircraft environment.