Uber orders up a big, corporate HQ

Controversial taxi-firm Uber is creating a new home for itself in the heart of San Fransisco

We seem to be in the age of big tech HQ projects. We’ve looked at some of the big companies already – but the latest to announce a big office project is Uber. It’s proposing a two-building development (that you can see above) in San Fransisco’s Mission district, as reported by the San Fransisco Chronicle:

On Wednesday, the app-based transportation company, which operates in more than 200 cities in 55 countries, released the first renderings of the 423,000-square-foot, two-building complex that will include an 11-story mid-rise at 1455 Third St. and a six-story structure at 1515 Third St.

It’s a surprisingly ordinary design for such a disruptive company:

Uber's new HQ at ground level

But then Uber, for all its funding, is still a relatively early-stage business. Perhaps more statement style architecture will follow when it grows a little larger…

[via Quartz]