NEXT15: How We Will Live

We've announced the theme for NEXT15: How We Will Live

The theme for NEXT15 has been announced:

How We Will Live

We’re stepping beyond the ideas of products and companies and startups and apps, and focusing on their *implications: on how they’ll change the very fabric of our lives. We’ve already started exploring that implications of that here on the blog, but it’ll be deeply reflected in the schedule, too.

For instance, elements of the way we live will be expressed as content streams through the conference:

  • How we will LIVE
  • How we will MOVE
  • How we will WORK
  • How we will SHOP
  • How we will MAKE
  • How we will PLAY
  • How we will LOVE

You can see our announced speakers and how they fit into these themes, if you’re interested in exploring further.

And, of course, we’ll be exploring those themes over the coming months right here on the blog.

And, if you’re intrigued and ready to join the conversation – please apply to join us in Hamburg in September.