Exponential Organizations – The New Normal

Talk by Yuri van Geest, Singularity University

Things are moving so fast that the half life of business competency has dropped from 30 years to five years. Things you learn in your first year at university can be dated by the time you leave.

How do we cope? Well, there’s the emergence of the exponential organisation, which become billion dollar companies in months to years. We’ve organised our businesses in linear fashions for 100 years. But the environment is changing so fast that that model needs to be replaced.

We’re moving from a *scarcity* economy to an *abundance* economy. That moves us from ownership to access. We’re entering a systemic transformation of business models. We’re not using 15 year old phones, are we? So why use century-old models of organisations?

Exponential organisations are faster and more efficient in emerging business opportunities. As software eats the world, every company becomes a software company. We’ve digitised marketing, and now supply and manufacturing. We’re becoming fully digital organisations.

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