The Top 5 NEXT blog posts of 2015

Which posts from the NEXT blog caught your imagination in 2015? Here's the top five, based on traffic.

Yesterday we looked at the most watched videos from NEXT15. Here are the top five posts from the blog that were published during 2015 – and it’s an interesting mix. We have a couple of liveblogs, and a post looking at trends in 2015. But the list is topped an tailed by the big NEXT news: the move to Hamburg, and the partnership with the Reeperbahn Festival:

1. Next goes Reeperbahn Festival


Ina’s post introducing the move to Hamburg grabs the tops spot in this year’s posts. Not a surprise really – it was a significant move, and one widely welcomed by the NEXT community (as we’ll see further down this list). And, by February of last year, a lot of people were wondering what was happening with NEXT, which has traditionally run in the Spring.

The move from Spring in Berlin to Autumn in Hamburg seems to have been a big success all around.

2. 2015: The year of technology-driven business change


I was surprised to see this so very high up the list. My “predictions for 2015” post got well circulated this year. Looking back at it, I’m surprised on how well it stands up. I think we rightly identified many of the issues that were emerging – and which we’d be discussing in Hamburg.

I feel it might be time to do a scorecard on it – and follow it up with some predictions for this year.

3. [Liveblog] How will we live? Anab Jain explores the near future.

Anab talks

In a neat parallel to our top five videos, Anab Jain’s talk tops the liveblog stakes from NEXT15 back in September. It’s a great talk. Well worth your time to read – or watch.

4. [Liveblog] Perform Or Perish – David Mattin On Key Consumer Digital Trends


Another high performer in the video stakes grabs a top-spot in the written post chart. Again, not a surprise – it was a rich talk full of useful information that you can refer to again again agin in your work.

5. Next Reeperbahn Festival: Your Reactions


Now, this was another one that caught me by surprise. Rounding up people’s reactions to the move to Hamburg was really popular. Perhaps the lesson we should take from this is that a good event is anchored by a good community – and that the community should find expression on the blog. There’s a New Year’s Resolution for 2016.