Resource of the week: understanding machine learning

Want to learn more about machine intelligence? Here's how to get going…

In the last 18 months machine learning (an early variation on AI) seems to be everywhere – it’s analysing your photos, and doing your shopping and chatting with you in apps.

But do you really understand it? I certainly don’t – but I’d like to, and Sam DeBrule has put together a huge bunch of resources to help everyone do that. Why?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML and AI) have seized Tech mindshare in a way few topics have in recent memory. A couple months ago I noticed people talking about artificial intelligence everywhere I looked. According to AI experts, everything from our jobs, to the wars we wage, to the food we eat, to the beer we drink, to the software we write will be affected.

If it’s that comprehensive, then, we want to know more. In fact, we need to know more.

Here’s the bad news, though. Reading won’t be enough:

To develop a deep understanding of the space, reading won’t be enough. You need to: have an understanding of the entire landscape, spot and use ML-enabled products in your daily life (Spotify recommendations), discuss artificial intelligence more regularly, and make friends with people who know more than you do about AI and ML.

Have at it. There’s loads of great information in there.