Digital transformation is a human issue, not a tech one

What are the core ideas that drive digital transformation? You're probably getting it wrong…

Lucia Adams, former deputy head of digital at The Times, a UK newspaper, has written a great, short Medium post on digital transformation. She enumerates seven things she’s learnt – and every single one is a real insight. For example:

Digital is 10% tech and 90% human. Organisations talk about digital as if it is 90% tech and 10% human.

That one alone probably explains the majority of digital transformation project failures.

Non-optional digital

And how about this one?

Digital is not an ‘optional extra’ or an app bolted onto the side of the company strategy. We’re in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution — we’re experiencing a fundamental re-design of the way we consume, work and play.

And that’s why the term “digital transformation” itself might be coming to the end of its useful life. It’s too broad an umbrella terms for a whole raft of societal, technological and organisation changes we need to go through. And to do that successfully , we need more detail, and more humanity.