Hamburg: 15 essential places to visit

Got some time to spare during your visit to NEXT17? Desperate for a great coffee, and insect tasty ice cream or even a little sight seeing? Here are the NEXT team’s recommendations.

Coming to Hamburg for NEXT? Well, you’re already spoiled by the fact we’re part of the Reeperbahn Festival, one of the world’s great music events. And we have some fantastic venues for you during the conference.

But if you have some spare time to explore the city before or afterwards, where’s the inside track from the NEXT team. These are the places they, and Hamburg residents, think you should check out:


Coffee break

However much digital sucks, coffee can make life better. And the coffee from these places? It’ll make things wonderful:

Hermetic Coffee Roasters

WHAT IT IS: Hermetic Coffee Roasters – Best coffee in town (and providing a barista at NEXT Copper House in 2017, when they were called Less Political)

WHERE IT IS: Sternstraße 68, Schanzenviertel

WHAT YOU’LL GET: Great coffee, minimal design, unpretentious atmosphere

DON’T FORGET TO: Skip the sugar – taste it raw!

Playground Coffee

WHAT IT IS: Playground Coffee

WHERE IT IS: Three locations in Hamburg: Rathausmarkt, Grindel, St. Pauli

WHAT YOU’LL GET: Best coffee in town

DON’T FORGET TO: Buy some beautifully designed coffee packs to bring home

Public Coffee Roasters

WHAT IT IS: Public Coffee Roasters

WHERE IT IS: Wexstraße / Neustadt Quarter

WHAT YOU’LL GET: Best flat white in town

DON’T FORGET TO: Buy some coffee beans


We all need a quick drink after an exciting day making digital suck less, and these are great places to have that much-needed treat:

Altes Mädchen

WHAT IT IS: Altes Mädchen, Brewery and Beergarden

WHERE IT IS: Right at the Schanze

WHAT YOU’LL GET: Loads of interesting flavours to try out

DON’T FORGET TO: Show up early, it is always crowded

M&V Bar

WHAT IT IS: M&V Bar, open for all kinds

WHERE IT IS: Lange Reihe 22, St. Georg

WHAT YOU’LL GET: Great drinks, cosy wooden niches, artwork and the prettiest menu design ever

DON’T FORGET TO: Step inside although it is obviously a gay bar


Hamburg hamburger

From a salad to cake, burgers to burritos, there’s food for everyone (and every wallet) in the city

Café Gnosa

WHAT IT IS: Café Gnosa, gay café

WHERE IT IS: Lange Reihe in St. Georg

WHAT YOU’LL GET: Lovely atmosphere, ingenious homemade cake and breakfast

DON’T FORGET TO: Start here after a long night before…

Café Johanna

WHAT IT IS: Café Johanna

WHERE IT IS: Neroberg, Portoguese Quarter

WHAT YOU’LL GET: Best salad in town

DON’T FORGET TO: Get up early, it is closed after 6pm

Cantina Popular

WHAT IT IS: Cantina Popular

WHERE IT IS: Schulterblatt 16

WHAT YOU’LL GET: Delicious Latin food – no budget-cuisine, but prices are worthwhile!

DON’T FORGET TO: Book a table upfront if possible!


WHAT IT IS: Kombuese, a kind of bistro for Mexican food. “Kombuese” refers to the name of the kitchen on a ship

WHERE IT IS: St. Pauli

WHAT YOU’LL GET: Alternative folks, loud music and amazing, cheap burritos

DON’T FORGET TO: Be a bit patient – it’s always crowded, but most people don’t stay for hours, so there’s always a chance to get a free seat.

Luicella’s Ice Cream

WHAT IT IS: Luicella’s Ice Cream

WHERE IT IS: In a backstreet off Reeperbahn

WHAT YOU’LL GET: Very tasty and creative flavors of ice cream

DON’T FORGET TO: Take a look at the founders Luisa and Markus. They just received an invesment from Die Höhle der Löwen, the German version of the TV show Shark Tank or Dragons’ Den.

The Bird

WHAT IT IS: The Bird

WHERE IT IS: In St. Pauli, close to all NEXT17 venues

WHAT YOU’LL GET: Finest steaks, burgers and drinks

DON’T FORGET TO: Reserve your seat (specially if you plan to go with a bigger group)!


Hamburg has stood on gatherings banks of the Elbe for over 1000 years. It’s picked up a few sights worth checking out along the way…

Alter Elbtunnel

WHAT IT IS: Alter Elbtunnel (Old Elbe river tunnel)

WHERE IT IS: At the harbour, right next to the Landungsbrücken

WHAT YOU’LL GET: A nostalgic feel of Hamburg’s history

DON’T FORGET TO: Take a selfie on the steep stairs


WHAT IT IS: The “Hanseplatte”

WHERE IT IS: Neuer Kamp 32, Schanzenviertel

WHAT YOU’LL GET: Records, books, accessories, post cards, clothes – each with this special Hamburg-twist. Grab some souvenirs!

DON’T FORGET TO: Go there on Saturday before 4pm – and take in the flea market in front of it

Park Fiction

WHAT IT IS: Park Fiction, a modern park

WHERE IT IS: St. Pauli, close to river Elbe

WHAT YOU’LL GET: A beautiful view on the river, parts of the harbor, ships – and Hamburg’s Hipster culture with a very colorful mix of people

DON’T FORGET TO: Bring your own drinks (there is a kiosk close by)

Wasserkunst Kaltehofe

WHAT IT IS: Wasserkunst Kaltehofe

WHERE IT IS: Kaltehofe-Hauptdeich 6-7, Rothenburgsort (best by bike)

WHAT YOU’LL GET: Former Water Works building with fascinating exhibition and beautiful park

DON’T FORGET TO: grab a frisbee and entertain yourself at the disc golf-parcours

Not enough for you? Well, here’s 10 more great places to go in Hamburg.