NEXT17 in Tweets #1: Music, Optimism and Pretzels…

By Adam Tinworth

This is the first in a series of posts, telling the story of NEXT17 through attendees' tweets. Keep watching over the next couple of weeks as we revisit those two days in September…)

I can't quite believe it's been nearly three weeks since #NEXT17 already - but it has, and so it's time to take a note of the most interesting social media around the conference before they fade into the timeline of history… Let's head back to the morning of the 21st September as attendees start arriving at Schmidt's Tivoli in Hamburg.

We started, as we always do, with and empty but stylish theatre:

But it filled up fast:

Meanwhile, our on-stage host was fortifying himself for the day ahead:

Alice Merton's opening number

Alice Merton's opening song was widely liked:

(I'm not 100% sure anything's actually better than coffee…)

And she was followed on stage by our pretzel-fuelled host, Pep Rosenfeld. His tech jokes were better received than some of his jokes about Germany…

David Mattin's nuanced optimism

And then, David Mattin joined us to talk about optimism

And, in perhaps one of the most optimistic message to emerge from our couple of days, Mattin suggested that even the smallest company could drive the change we need to make digital suck less…