NEXT17 in Tweets #2: Awesome AI, Virtuous Voice and Brilliant Blockchain

As NEXT17's Day One continue, we explored the ubiquity of AI, the role of voice and the potential of blockchain. Here's how attendees reacted…

This is part two of a journey through NEXT17 in Tweets. You can catch part 1 here.

Meanwhile, over in the Copper House, things were heating up for the Gen Z-curious:

But, back in Schmidts Tivoli, we were hearing about how Adobe was bringing AI into its work in a useful way for its clients:

That’s a relief. I quite like being able to earn money…

(That’s also a relief. I quite like not being destroyed.)

Nandini Stocker and the promise of voice

And talking of how we use tech, how about how we use tech via our voice. Enter Google’s Nandini Stocker:

That pact with the room – that some of what she said would not eb shared – means that tweeting was quite low volume during her talk.

While a few people appeared to be struggling to spot Nandini’s essential point, some homed right in on it:

And that’s a valid point. We’re not just building the tech for the next five years, we’re building the environment that will define the next generation. And about that next generation:

Best not to judge. My two girls are rather fond of The Prodigy’s Firestarter, thanks to a German comedy sketch

Blockchain for a better world – or else

Nandini was followed by Shermin Voshmgir, with a key message:

But she had her work cut out for her:

But a nice expresion emerged:

Attendees started taking their own key points from the talk:

Or even connecting it up with previous speakers:

And the finale of the talk left people thinking:

Musical outro

And let’s finish this segment of your journey through #NEXT17 in Tweets with a little music: