NEXT19 and the climate strike

Today is the beginning of the Climate Strike and, while we're not shutting the conference, we are making sure that the climate crisis is on the agenda.

Any conference devoted to thinking about what’s next cannot fail to address the climate crisis. Many of yesterday’s speakers touched on it, including David Mattin and James Bridle. We’ll have some sessions specifically about it later on today (see below).

However, we also cannot ignore the face that today, people all over the world are going to be striking to raise awareness of the climate crisis, and others are going to be closing their websites for the day in support (including my own personal site).

We are not going to be closing down NEXT for the day, nor are we closing the website as part of the digital climate strike. We only have these two days a year, and we want to make the very most of that. That includes making it clear that we know this is a vital issue – and we’re committed to discussing ways forwards, so that there’s a future for us to keep on discussing.

Sustainability at NEXT19

Two of this morning’s sessions will cover the theme:

This afternoon, we have two sessions today devoted to the crisis:

Please do join those sessions if you’re passionate about the issue.

There’s also a protest in Hamburg, as yesterday’s speaker TL Taylor discovered: