An Update on – Nils Wollny

What are the many exciting NEXT personalities doing today? Here's some news about Nils Wollny, formerly Audi, who was a speaker at NEXT16.

What happened at NEXT.

When speaking about Virtual Mobility at NEXT16 (wow, it seems like that was yesterday), Nils was Head of Digital Business Strategy and Customer Experience at Audi AG. Back then, he was already fascinated by the opportunities that arise with virtual mobility.

What’s new.

Today, Nils is CEO and co-founder of Holoride, an Extended Reality (XR) startup which aims to transform journeys we take by car into hyper-immersive experiences. It does so by combining navigational and car data with XR and has experienced widespread attention since then.

Who’s next?

Any NEXT speaker you would like to be updated on? Let us know and we will hunt them down.