Ana Andjelic: Web3 – What Does It Mean for Brands?

Web3 is essentially the next chapter for an internet based on blockchain technology that ensures  more privacy by decentralization.

For brands, it means making virtual products and experiences. With the recent spike in brands engaging in this new arena, branding will need to work hard to keep up with the pace. Despite all the excitement, concerns about Web3 still remain but it is never too early to learn about it and equip your team for tech-savviness. Ana talks to NEXT about Web3 and what it means for brands. How will consumers stand out from the crowd and display their status? Because in the modern “Aspiration Economy” consumers yearn for cultural, social, and environmental recognition. As Ana points out, it’s not just business experience, but also social urgency that brands need to trade in tomorrow’s Aspiration Economy.

About Ana Andjelic:
Ana is a brand executive, author of “The Business of Aspiration” and was listed one of “The World’s Most Influential CMOs” by Forbes. Ana specialises in building brand-driven modern businesses, and has worked with Banana Republic, Mansur Gavriel and Rebecca Minkoff. She has a doctorate in sociology. She is a widely read columnist, speaker and advisor.

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Ana Andjelic: What Web3 means for brands

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