David Mattin: The intersection of status, Web3 and Metaverse

What happens when emerging digital technologies and powerful fundamental human needs collide?

Web3 is a powerful emerging technology trend. But if we are to understand its impact in the coming years, we need to view it through the lens of fundamental human needs.

In this episode of the NEXT–SHOW trend specialist and author David Mattin dives deep into the collision between web3 and the powerful human quests for community and status. NFT art, virtual status symbols, decentralized communities: each of them, says David, will unlock new forms of status and community behaviour in the years ahead.

This collision, and its intersection with the arrival of the metaverse, will change not only our digital lives, but physical life too.

“If you are tapping into that trend, and if you are grounding your web3 innovation innfundamental human needs, you are in a really powerful place”, says David.

Tune in and learn more about the huge opportunities web3 will offer; and how you can use trends to deliver innovation that has real impact.

About David Mattin:
David Mattin is the founder of New World Same Humans, a weekly newsletter on trends, technology, and society. David’s business, innovation and trends journalism has appeared everywhere from Fast Company to the Guardian to Google Think Quarterly. As experienced broadcaster, David has also written and presented documentaries for BBC Radio 4. He sits on the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Consumption. He is author of the book Trend-Driven Innovation, published by Wiley.

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David Mattin: how Web3 is unleashing creativity, and a new quest for status


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