• Peter Sunde on the Future of Copying and Freedom of Expression


    You like recommending and supporting other people’s work and equally when they spread the word abou buy kamagra online t your stuff? You use social booking marking services to do so? Great. Just imagine you and others could earn money with what you’ve been doing…

    By Anja Waltemate

  • Pablos Holman on Invention to Scale


    Making invention a legitimate career choice is what Pablos Holman claims at the beginning of his talk. For thirty minutes he takes us on a tour around stunning and amazing inventions created by the Intellectual Venture Lab. While picking locks may come in handy, possible answers to fighting malaria, hurricanes…

    By Anja Waltemate

  • From Relationships to Relations: The Dawn of the Contextual Network


    Do we actually maintain online relationships or are they just relations? Brian Solis argues for the latter. He believes that we are moving into a state of relations rather than relationships, defining a new era of society. We may be connected to people who we don’t know but think alike…

    By Anja Waltemate

  • Karlheinz Brandenburg on How to be a Game Changer


    Dreams have been around for a very long time. Karlheinz Brandenburg is a man whose dream came true with the invention of the digital audio technologies MP3 and MPEG. They set new game changing standards. The recipe for a true game changer involves several ingredients: trying to do the impossible,…

    By Anja Waltemate

  • Itay Talgam on Culture Changers: Great Conductors’ Art of Rehearsing


    Warming up the audience with singing: Itay Talgam is on stage for the second time at a next conference. Did you know that the highest burn out rate is amongst orchestra musicians? And that’s just because of bad leadership, according to Itay. He shows us the different ways of how…

    By Anja Waltemate

  • Start-ups, Get Your Design For Free on July 15!


    With the advent of 99designs and crowdSPRING, the crowdsourcing of creative services such as design is already established. Start-ups which are notoriously short on time and money should definitely consider crowdsourcing their basic design needs like logo or even their name. At least that’s what Eva Missling thinks,…

    By Martin Recke

  • Journalism becomes Happening with Welt kompakt Scroll Edition


    Yesterday a bunch of bloggers, amongst them our old friends Jeff Jarvis and Tina Pickhardt, entered the newsroom of German national paper Welt kompakt to produce a special “Scroll Edition”. This experiment is catering to a recent trend I would call event (or happening) journalism. Finally, the medium…

    By Martin Recke

  • The Office is Dead. Long Live the Office!


    I’m currently sitting at a desk in the Betahaus Hamburg that opened its doors today with a breakfast. It’s a so-called coworking space that aims to solve a problem every independent knowledge worker faces today: They just need a place to go. According to Seth Godin, that’s the…

    By Martin Recke

  • Xobni for BlackBerry: a Self-Updating Address Book


    There is a kind of software that only exists to fix the pitfalls of so-called standard software. Especially in the Microsoft world. Take for example Xobni (backwards for: Inbox). Xobni tries to organise the data rubbish created by Outlook. That’s quite an ambitious task, and Xobni is not the first…

    By Martin Recke

  • Online Grocery Shopping Still Has a Future


    Anyone remembering Webvan? Well, despite common wisdom, the brand is still alive, now owned and run by Amazon. And so is Online Grocery Shopping. A report recently published by Datamonitor touts it as the next star performer of online retailing: The comparatively low percentage of the sales of online channels…

    By Martin Recke

  • Paul Jozefak on This Week in Venture Capital


    Our good friend Paul Jozefak of Neuhaus Partners appeared on This Week in Venture Capital last week. The show is hosted by Mark Suster and part of the ThisWeekIn network launched by Jason Calacanis. Besides Mark and Paul, there is also Om Malik of GigaOm fame on the show.

    By Martin Recke

  • The App Economy Bubble


    By Martin Recke

  • Ola Ahlvarsson: Inside the Head of an Entrepreneur


    ou’ve always wondered what an entrepreneur really is? It’s someone who steals office supplies at home and brings it to work. That’s how it starts according to Ola Ahlvarsson, who takes us on a tour of what entrepreneurship really means and illustrates that there are six types of different entrepreneurs.

    By Martin Recke

  • Andrew Keen on Digital Vertigo: Inequality, Anxiety & Loneliness in the Social Media Age


    We need a master. This is Andrew Keen‘s request. He not only challenged the audience but also the previous speakers addressing social media themes. It’s not about the cult of individuals, not about social ubiquity. It’s about a profound shift in nature, it’s the way we organize. According to Andrew,…

    By Anja Waltemate

  • Fireside Chat with Stowe Boyd and Stefana Broadbent on Social Media


    How is social media affecting businesses? What kind of implications does it have on me as an individual? And which influences will social media have on society? Ola Ahlvarsson discusses these questions with Stowe Boyd and Stefana Broadbent. Watch this video on, where you can rate it,…

    By Anja Waltemate

  • Stowe Boyd on Social Media Blur. Blogs, Networks, Streams.


    t’s his third time at next (check out number one, and two). None of that has been blurred but has been kept in mind very well. This time Stowe Boyd talks about the social media blur. He focuses on blogs, networks and streams, their continuous rise…

    By Anja Waltemate

  • Rene Jansen on The Smell of Human Flesh. Getting to Know and Trust Each Other in a Digital World.


    Let’s stick to the botanic imagery. Rene asks us to imagine a company to be a rose. The story behind it: Roses always have a romantic touch to them, emotions will be associated. And this is what a future manager needs to understand and assemble – the story behind it…

    By Anja Waltemate

  • Jemima Gibbons on Social Leadership. Managing Monkeys with Typewriters.


    It’s as easy as that: Good social leadership is like good gardening. Setting boundaries, encouraging growth and doing the pruning if necessary. “Monkeys with Typewriters: Myths and Realities of Social Media at Work” is the title of the presented book by Jemima Gibbons. She is sharing insights about new…

    By Anja Waltemate

  • Stefana Broadbent on The Power Struggle: Choosing the Right Channel to Request Attention


    There’s an argument going on wether the Internet makes us smarter or dumber. If you follow the research Stefana Broadbent has done, you’ll be astonished to learn that the number of people we communicate with on a daily basis is pretty stable, despite all the new communication channels that show…

    By Martin Recke

  • next10 is over. See What You Missed!


    On Wednesday, next10 closed its gates. After four years in Hamburg, this year’s edition was the first in the German capital. 1385 people finally registered for the show, and more than 100 speakers were on stage. The programme featured several keynotes given by inspiring, creative and technical savvy…

    By Martin Recke

  • Stefan Weitz and The dawn of the Vertical. Horizontal search is over.


    This is a video from They are a media partner of next10 and producing lots of quality content. Check out their YouTube channel for more. Stefan Weitz is Director of Search at Microsoft. He spoke today at next10.

    By Martin Recke

  • next10 goes Berlin: May 11 & 12, 2010


    It is a big step for us: We are moving the next conference to Berlin! SinnerSchrader and STATION-Berlin will jointly host next10 on May 11 & 12, 2010. With this move we aim to build the next conference in Berlin into the leading European conference for the digital and…

    By Martin Recke

  • Our Speakers Policy


    We are out and about to publish the Call for Participation for next year’s edition of the next conference. Preparing for this, I wrote down the principles guiding the invitation of speakers. You may want to read this if you are planning to apply. In principle, there are three ways…

    By Martin Recke

  • Three New Members for our Advisory Board


    With next10 our Advisory Board is facing it’s second next conference. At the same time – and that’s the news now – we are happily welcoming three new members: Monique van Dusseldorp, Sören Stamer and Hartmut Esslinger. Some of you might recognize them as two of them formerly appeared on…

    By Martin Recke