We live in a world that’s constantly redesigned.

Today’s redesign is tomorrow’s vintage look. No big deal. But times of crisis rapidly change the picture. Suddenly, the whole world is in dire need of a proper redesign. From capitalism to communication, from work to supply chains, from cities to office space – it’s hard to find an area of our lives that’s not due for an overhaul. ‘The Great Redesign’, the latest edition of the NEXT book series wants to tackle these issues together with acclaimed authors.

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This is a challenge, but also a huge opportunity.

Every redesign needs a plan. This is about goals and objectives, about resources and timing, about milestones and outcomes. What kind of change do we need to achieve this?

What’s inside the book:

Rhinos, gluttony, and quantum states: Re-imagining the right now – by Miriam Meckel and Léa Steinacker
The Great Transition – by Albert Wenger
Designs for Life – by David Mattin
Now is the time to design our futures – by Thomas Müller
A can of worms or a foundational asset? Covid-19 and the implications for future studies – by Sohail Inayatullah
Zero Gravity in Innovation? – by Axel Averdung and Kristina Bonitz
Unchain the human in the global value chain – by Payal Arora

To design a better world.

Covid and forced experiments – by Benedict Evans
Don’t call time on the megacity: Cities will learn and adapt – by Azeem Azhar
Solar’s future is insanely cheap – by Ramez Naam
Future of work: The 5 opportunities & threats of today’s crisis – by Laëtitia Vitaud
Diversity now! – by Tijen Onaran
Redesigning Technology for the Art of Human Connection – by Pamela Pavliscak
Mind your metaphor – by Ben Sauer
The new cybernetics: lessons from the last Great Redesign – by Genevieve Bell and Amy McLennan
Gaianomics, or the self-designing Earth – by Rafael Kaufmann
In search of better worlds – by Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

Edited by Matthias Schrader and Volker Martens, ‘The Great Redesign’ is now available. You can get it in the bookshop of your choice or order it online. You can read about some learnings here already.

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