Call for Participation

Open until May 31, 2019
At NEXT Conference, we search throughout the year for speakers who will inform and inspire, surprise and delight. Our speakers are the brightest digital minds: they invent world-changing innovations and create ground-breaking content that matters and is relevant to you. In short: They are outstandingly different! NEXT seeks out emerging artists, scientists and thinkers, introducing them to the NEXT crowd. To get a feel for what we are interested in hearing about, see our NEXT19 main topic “Parallelwelten”.

If you know someone who belongs on our roster, or if you belong there yourself, we want to hear from you! Please use our speaker form, and tell us why this person would be well-matched to the NEXT stage. This Call for Participation closes on May 31st, 2019.


  • Language: all talks are in English.
  • Session Duration: sessions should be 30 minutes long (for longer talks we’ll get in touch with you directly). Workshops should be 60 to 90 minutes long. We’ll be on a tight schedule and will enforce time limits rigorously. We suggest that you time your presentation accordingly in advance.
  • Formatting: make sure that you care, and make sure we see you care. Typos, sloppy formatting and all-lowercase submissions make our reading of your proposal tedious and will reflect negatively on the outcome of your submission.
  • Brevity: don’t get too wordy. If you need more than two paragraphs to get to the point of your proposal, we ask you to put more time into focussing on your application. With the amount of submissions we get, the quicker you can make a good first impression, the better.
  • Originality: one of the things we want to do at NEXT is to push the crowd forward. Thus, we favour original content. If you want to present a topic that you have talked about elsewhere, try to add a twist or new research/development to it — something that makes it unique.

Please introduce yourself