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The goal of NEXT17 is to enable idea generation and execution within our network of marketing professionals, creative minds and entrepreneurs. The Call for Participation offers you the chance to take part in the creation of the NEXT programme. We’re searching for topics – presented in talks or workshops – which are relevant to digital decision makers. Or – even better – something outstandingly different that would trigger participants’ interaction. Please note the following guidance:

  • The programme is focussing on insights into consumer behaviour, the latest trends in experience design and great cases from all around the world showing shifts in consumer behaviour.
  • NEXT17 is about thought-provoking, even controversial, ideas that will get people talking. So we’re not looking for company or tool pitches or anything clichéd such as “Tech is changing so fast”.
  • Think out of the box! We want NEXT17 to become less keynote and more interaction!
  • Propose your idea and we will get in touch as soon as possible to let you know if your idea has made it to the NEXT17 short list.

The Call for Participation 2017 is closed.

We are now checking all the submissions and will come back to you by May 15. If you have questions regarding your submission, please send it to


Your NEXT Team

  • Lunch Break

    • Myname Here, Entrepreneur

    Enjoy your lunch, talk to other NEXT17 attendees and prepare yourself for your afternoon sessions.

  • Coffee Break

    • Myname Here, Entrepreneur

    Have a break, relax or grab a coffee and get in touch with other NEXT17 attendees!…

  • Transformational Products and The Product Field

    • Matthias Schrader, CEO
    • Axel Averdung, Managing Director
    • Kristina Bonitz, Innovation Strategist

    “Transformational Products from companies like Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon conquer the everyday life of the users. They successfully penetrate industries such as banking, insurance, telecommunications, retail and the automotive industry. In his introductory talk, Matthias Schrader deciphers the code behind the Transformational Products with which Google & Co. succeed…

  • Hyperloop Case Study: How UX Strategy can transform the world!

    • Jaime Levy, UX Strategist, Author, College Professor

    User experience (UX) strategy lies at the intersection of UX design and business strategy. This talk starts by delving into this crucial practice, which relies on empirical, lightweight tactics for pushing cross-functional teams toward a unique digital solution that customers want. Jaime will then discuss her recent role in…

  • Welcome at Copper House

    • Myname Here, Entrepreneur

    We would like to welcome you to Copper House, our new meeting point. Feel free to join uns here to have a chat with each other, watch inspiring keynotes or just enjoy your stay with us at NEXT17!…

  • VR/AR/MxR: Time for a Reality Check?

    • Susan Tackenberg, Consultant & APITs strategist

    We are in the process of changing the way we perceive the world, the ways in which we interact with it and how we experience it. What we cannot foresee is, how will utilizing these ‘new realities’ – Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Realities – change us? How will the plasticity…

  • Panel on Influencer Marketing

    • Aminita Belli, Influencerin, Modejournalistin & Moderatorin
    • Matthias Müller von Blumencron, Editor-In-chief of Digital Media

    Panel on Influencer Marketing with Aminita Belli and Matthias Müller von Blumencron…

  • Keynote on the Dark Net by Jamie Bartlett

    • Jamie Bartlett, Writer

    Keynote on the book ‘The Dark Net’ by Jamie Bartlett…

  • What is Design in service to, really? Using Design as a catalyst for understanding professional and personal purpose and impact.

    • Alexander Baumgardt, Professor / Partner

    “The world is in a state of great transition. Human-centered Design is called upon its most fundamental power and responsibility – to bring about a world that works for people and the planet. Have you ever asked yourself what or to whom you are in service to? Human-centered Design teaches us…

  • Blockchain & The Future of the Internet

    • Shermin Voshmgir, Founder

    Blockchain is the driving force of the next generation Internet, also referred to as the decentralized web. It allows us to decentralise trust, creating the basis for a P2P society powered by auto enforceable smart contracts. Smart contracts on the blockchain disintermediate transactions and radically reduce transactions costs. The promise…

  • Keynote by James Williams

    • James Williams, Co-founder

    Keynote by James Williams.

  • Fireside Chat on User Experience Design

    • Lily Kollé, Senior Designer
    • Ame Elliott, Design Director
    • Monique van Dusseldorp, Conference curator

    Fireside Chat on User Experience Design.

  • How minimalism will improve your design process

    • Lily Kollé, Senior Designer

    As the designers of digital products and services, how can we ensure we are contributing great design to the world rather than clutter? We follow a “design process” to guide us yet there are inevitably unforeseen challenges from clients, employers, and technology which distract us from the user. Including a…

  • Keynote by David Li

    • David Li, Executive Director

    Keynote by David Li…

  • Keynote by Bruce Sterling

    • Bruce Sterling, Author & Journalist

    Keynote by Bruce Sterling.

  • Welcome Day Two at NEXT17

    • Pep Rosenfeld, Owner / Director of Creative Content

    Welcome back at day two of NEXT17! Be in for more surprises. Enjoy fantastic keynotes by SciFi author Bruce Sterling or museum curator Samuel West. And please be aware that we have another afternoon full of interesting workshops and panel discussion for you.

  • Keynote by Jamie Bartlett

    • Jamie Bartlett, Writer

    Keynote by Jamie Bartlett.

  • Afternoon Workshop Guide

    • Monique van Dusseldorp, Conference curator
    • Ina Feistritzer, Head of NEXT

    With up to 10 parallel tracks packed with interesting panels, workshops and experience formats it is really hard to decide which ones to pick. Put don’t worry, Monique van Dusseldorp and Ina Feistritzer, responsible for the NEXT programme, will give you some guidance. On top, the official NEXT App helps…

  • Fireside Chat with Lars Trieloff

    • Lars Trieloff, Director of Platform Marketing
    • Monique van Dusseldorp, Conference curator

    In this fireside chat with Lars Trieloff, who is responsible for Adobe Sensei, the AI program at Adobe we discuss some of the challenges and implications that pervasive arti””cial intelligence brings to product designers, users, and consumers of AI-enhanced digital experiences. We will discover: • Why AI will be…

  • Dept of the Unknown: Why Corporate ‘Innovation’ Doesn’t Work, and How to Fix It

    • Tricia Wang, Co-Founder

    So many enterprise innovation efforts fall short. It’s not because innovation is bad — it’s because companies can be bad at decision-making. There gap between insights and decision-makers is very wide in the enterprise. The surprising source of this gap goes back to the American railroads of the 19th century,…

  • Opening Keynote by David Mattin

    • David Mattin, Head of Trends & Insights

    Opening Keynote by David Mattin…

  • Music Session with a Reeperbahn Festival act

    • Pep Rosenfeld, Owner / Director of Creative Content

    Reeperbahn Festival offers you more than 700 concerts and events in four days. NEXT Conference and our moderator Pep Rosenfeld will help you to cut through the noise and we are recommending you a few bands playing at the festival. You are going to have an exclusive pre-listening with a…

  • Welcome to NEXT17

    • Matthias Schrader, CEO
    • Volker Martens, CEO

    We are so happy to welcome you at NEXT17! Be in for some surprises. During the days to come, NEXT will be taking you on an exciting discovery tour. Together with 65 fantastic speakers from Europe, Asia and the US, we want to explore how digital innovation is shaping the…

  • Opening NEXT17

    • Pep Rosenfeld, Owner / Director of Creative Content

    We are kicking off NEXT17. You can expect two days full of inspiration, great speakers and networking in a special atmosphere. Enjoy your stay!…