"Digital sucks": the NEXT17 contest

Show your interpretation of this year’s NEXT motto and win 5×1 NEXT17 tickets.

Ever had that nagging feeling that digital stuff just doesn’t work right? When it comes to digital ideas, products or movements, there are just so many aspects not being considered – and a lot of digital stuff somehow goes terribly wrong. Often, digital products simply don’t live up to their promises, leaving users in a kind of limbo between overpromise and underdelivery.

But what does this actually mean to you, and for your everyday life? What does it feel and look like when digital sucks? This is your chance to show us.

Use your individual skills and creativity to share your interpretation of what “digital sucks” means – be it in text, pictures, video or smoke signals. Upload it to our page (Well, smoke signs wouldn’t be possible, but you know where we’re coming from!) Our NEXT17 jury of SinnerSchrader and Faktor 3 representatives will select the most impressive contributions and award each one of them with a FREE ticket for NEXT17. Remember, this includes priority access to all shows and events of the Reeperbahn Festival. The winning submissions will also be presented at NEXT17.

Share your thoughts now!

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