Fri, 5:00 - 5:30 pm

Beyond the Bullshit: How AI and Big Data are Redefining Marketing

  • #Artificial Intelligence (AI)
30 min
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AI is without a doubt one of the major game changers for business in future. A decade from now, all businesses will be AI businesses – especially in customer facing areas such as marketing, sales and services. However, currently AI is receiving so much attention that we run the risk of falling into the “overhyped and undelivered” trap. The victory of AI in chess, Jeopardy and Go tournaments may well make for good story telling. But we must bridge the gap between entertaining examples and serious business requirements and solutions.

AI and Algorithmics are also driving the swiftly evolving area of conversational commerce and marketing. Because of the massively increased level of autonomy and automation of communication and interaction – from the perspective of both the company and the customer – new digital eco-systems are evolving that require new marketing and communication approaches and tools.

The talk explains how companies can systematically unleash the value of AI, both in terms of optimizing processes and in making new businesses possible. For this, an AI and Algorithmic Maturity Model is introduced, as well as a holistic AI framework that helps companies to reach the next level of maturity with AI. To illustrate the current potential of AI within the digital space, Peter Gentsch investigates various best and next practices from different companies and industries.

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