The Antifragile Organisation – Digital Transformation as a Systematic Challenge

Are the organizational models of today’s companies to blame for the difficulties many of them have with mastering our time’s biggest challenges – for example digitization, market convergence or the increasing global complexity? Yes, at least partially. That’s why companies should think about the concept of antifragile organization. The term summarizes several practices that add up to a new ‘operating model’ which a company can install in order to:
1. incorporate continuous change in its DNA by creating an environment that allows for dynamic and adaptive work and decision-making
2. eliminate design flaws of today’s typical systems which threaten the company in the long-run
3. unleash the creative and innovative potential that lies dormant in the organization
That’s not an easy task of course, for antifragile organization is nothing short of a paradigm shift in management and organizational thinking & theory. Thus, a profound understanding of the underlying problem is essential. After illustrating the need for action, it gets practical. Euler introduces you to easy-to-apply methods that work well for companies which already dabble with the idea of an antifragile organization.

Speaker on this track

Thomas Euler

I work, think, write and speak on digital business, technology and decentralized systems. My professional role is CEO of Eck Consulting. With that hat on, I’m working on building a new kind of consulting business. For instance, we are a hierarchy-free, self-managed workplace.

As a consultant I help our clients, usually rather large companies, to deal with digital transformation. My approach in doing so is based not only on profound digital business and marketing know-how, but also largely on a systemic view of organizations as ever-evolving ecosystems.

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Sarah Eisenmann

Humancentric and participatory approaches in leadership, technology and business are my passion. Therefore you find me consulting, writing, facilitating and speaking around these topics.

Having a background as M.A. in Management & Entrepreneuship, at Eck Consulting I support companies alongside their digital transformation journey. As a co-founder of the online magazine Digital Hills, I write about the impact of digitization to organizations, concepts and new perspectives.

With OuiShare, a global think and be-tank for a collaborative society, I foster social models based on collaboration, openness, and decentralization. That includes among others the facilitation of wokshops and events in Munich, like most rerecently about collaborative urban design.

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