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Attention, Attention, Attention!

NOHO Studio
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We spend our lives in endless streams of posts, stories, and fast news.
This has led to a crisis for public debate. A free press is the cornerstone in democracies. But it requires attention, and our attention is under attack.

This talk not only sets the stage for the war on attention, sketching out the trends leading to the current situation and beyond, but also outlines possible solutions. We are working with these solutions as a main editorial and technological focus at our media startup.

We founded Zetland to publish journalism that is worth the attention it takes to consume it. We treat attention as a treasured resource. Which is why we do not sell it to advertisers.
But our mission will not succeed, if we cannot attract attention. So we have set out to answer the question: “How to respect people’s attention while winning it?”
Our “Ethics of Attention” will be usable and inspirational to everyone whose success is dependant on getting other people’s attention.

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