Hololens: Augmented Work & Life in a Mixed Reality

Product Design

A new class of devices is about to shake up the emerging Virtual / Augmented Reality market. With the Windows Holographic platform and the HoloLens as its reference device, Microsoft is the first manufacturer to enable what they call “Mixed Reality” solutions. Others will surely follow. Zühlke is one of the few tech companies in Europe that already develops HoloLens applications. In this talk we will provide the NEXT crowd with insights into the hottest IT gadget currently available and talk about the impact of mixed reality in our personal and business lives and where this will probably take us in the future.

Speaker on this track

Tobias Rudolphi

Tobias Rudolphi is Head of Competence Unit & Business Solution Manager at Zühlke Group in Hamburg & Hanover, Germany.

His background is designing and implementing modern, web-based software systems. In this context he is very excited about the possibilities offered by the HTML 5 technology stack. He is passionate about the mobile web, Javascript on the server and the dev-ops movement. Other areas of expertise include innovation management and agile development practices and processes.

As the head of the Competence Units Hamburg & Hanover, together with his team, he is responsible for the delivery of high-quality software and product solutions for the customers of Zühlke in the greater Hamburg & Hanover areas.

In his spare time he runs a lot, rides his longboard, likes to travel abroad and is currently learning how to surf. But most of all he likes to listen to and play music!

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