Thu, 5:00 - 6:30 pm

Blockchain Meets the Real Economy

  • #Blockchain
1 h, 30 min
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First, Blockchain expert Frank Bolten will deliver a compact introduction to the status quo of the technology with special focus on business applications including topics like smart contracts and the deployment of public and enterprise Blockchains as well as a brief overview about the most important Blockchain based business projects.

Hereafter, Frank Rosenberger – TUI Group Executive Board Member and responsible for IT and New Markets, will present his experiences with transferring the Group’s entire owned hotel inventory into a Blockchain to manage it more efficiently across its markets as well as his vision of an open Blockchain to deliver even better services and more choice to TUI’s 20 million customers.

Manlio Celotti, CEO of Membran Entertainment Group and MD of The Orchard Enterprises, will discuss how Membran is building Smart Contracts on the Ethereum blockchain to solve the problem of scalping and fraud in live music industry, to put control and financial reward back in the hands of creators.

In a concluding discussion with other experts in the field, they will try to answer specific questions from the audience.

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