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Closing the loop: how to master the hardest part of the BUILD/MEASURE/LEARN process

1h, 30min
  • #Innovation
  • #Product Design
  • #Skill Fix

To build innovative products/services the Build-Measure-Learn cycle has become fundamental for iterative product development. While most team efforts are invested in building/conceptualizing, the MEASURE and LEARN parts get far less attention, running the risk to be treated like an afterthought. However, gathering unbiased, high-quality data from your product/user experiments and turning them into actionable insights is the driving force to build innovative products. In this workshop we will cover essential concepts that should help 1. to draft powerful, specific and falsifiable assumptions; 2. to establish a clean experimental-setup (eliminating destructive biases); 3. to gather high-quality and actionable data; 4. to analyze qualitative and quantitative data; 5. to extract validated learnings and to iterate towards the original goal aligned with the underlying business model. In the course of the workshop it will become apparent that the added value of real and early learnings from potential users makes experiments in business-context indispensable.

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