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Connecting brands with culture – where to start?

NOHO Studio
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Living within an increasingly digital culture built on a series of confined social platforms means that our cultural and commercial realities collide more frequently than they have in the past. As a result, it seems incumbent on every brand to have a cultural point of view – and to express it in ways that are both human and timely.

Meanwhile, culture evolves more quickly than the pre-Instagram-instant world. Miss a major news story, and within just a few hours the Twitter conversation will have migrated almost entirely to meta-analysis and memes.

That’s hard for any brand. Even those that have a natural place in culture.

Continuing on the previous day’s conversation about how culture propagates, Alain Sylvain of Sylvain Labs and Zach Pentel of Spotify will lead a discussion about how modern brands intersect with (and build upon) the culture around them.

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