Fri, 4:30 - 5:00 pm

Building Environments to Challenge and Stretch People’s Thinking

30 min
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digital starts in the mind – Building Environments to Challenge and Stretch People’s Thinking

Eat, sleep, work, repeat. Sounds familiar? We like to deny it, but there’s no way around it: We are creatures of habit. Period.
Yes, this doesn’t consequently mean we are more likely to fizzle than sizzle in situations we’re accustomed to. Routines do have their benefits.
However breaking up monotonous thought patterns and leaving our, what might actually be the favorite word of all self-help gurus, „comfort zone“ leads us to an invaluable epiphany: change brings opportunities. This is where de-re-construct comes in:
As firm believers that a space should cater to your needs and serve you, we foster a holistic approach when it comes to our multi-sensory workspaces.
Because every (digital) solution starts with an idea. To make the things easier, faster, more efficient. So why not build our working environments accordingly so that they powerfully enhance our levels of creativity and innovation?
We provide the framework, you do the thinking.

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