Thu, 12:30 - 1:10 pm

Dept of the Unknown: Why Corporate ‘Innovation’ Doesn’t Work, and How to Fix It

  • #Behaviour
  • #Innovation Methods
  • #Strategy
40 min
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So many enterprise innovation efforts fall short. It’s not because innovation is bad — it’s because companies can be bad at decision-making. There gap between insights and decision-makers is very wide in the enterprise. The surprising source of this gap goes back to the American railroads of the 19th century, where managers first experimented with many data practices we still use today. While our data practices have since evolved, our decision-making practices haven’t; we’re long overdue for an update. Global tech ethnographer Tricia Wang explains why enterprises need an “Dept. of the Unknown” to bridge the gap and make sure insights from the ground can travel all the way up to decision-makers at the highest level.

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