How to design products that people love

Product Design

Jeremy Abbett will host this special speed interview formate in which we will brain pick some of the finest designers. We want to explore which methods, tools and tricks they use to understand our behaviour and how we all can design products, we want to use every day.

Speaker on this track

Jason Cale

Jason is a Product Design Manager at Facebook, where he leads the Local Ads Solutions design team. Creating products that help grow local businesses and bring people into their physical stores. Before Facebook he co-founded a leaderless product company, helped build, which creates personalised books for kids, Newspaper Club, which allows you to design and print your own newspapers and the unified publishing platform that powers

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Jeremy Abbett

Jeremy Tai Abbett inspires ambitious organizations into realizing the creativity required to thrive in a world of constant change.

He draws on his experience starting several ventures that found their genesis at the intersection of design and technology. In his current role as the creative evangelist at Google, Jeremy consults and collaborates with brands and creative agencies such as Adidas, Zalando and Saatchi & Saatchi. Additionally, he mentors early-stage startups and facilitates workshops that explore creativity and innovation.

Previous to Google, Jeremy was the founding design director responsible for the branding and user-experience for mobile start-up Stuffle. His efforts helped Stuffle win a Webby Award, Lead Award, Lovie Award as well as being recognized by Apple as one of the best apps in 2012.

Jeremy also co-founded Fork Unstable Media in 1996 (with three projects that were acquired by the Museum of Modern Art – San Francisco and a game that enraged the British Monarchy to his credit), co-founded multidisciplinary studio Truth Dare Double Dare, was a founding post-graduate student at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea and was an award winning creative director at a handful of advertising agencies.

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Martin Oberhäuser

Martin Oberhäuser is the Founder and CEO of Bureau Oberhaeuser, a Hamburg based design studio focused on Information- and Interface Design. Martin worked for various Advertising- and Design-studios in Frankfurt, Hamburg and San Francisco before he founded his own company Bureau Oberhaeuser in 2011.

The Bureau is an interdisciplinary design studio working in the sweet spot between Data Visualization, Information Architecture, User Experience Design and User Interface Design, to create new digital experiences for clients like Facebook, Whoop, VW, Deutsche Telekom, Airbnb and others. Martin is also teaching as a substitute professor for Informationsdesign at the Münster School of Design and recently founded the Startup tackl which he is also leading as CEO.

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Golden Krishna

Designer Golden Krishna is author of “The Best Interface is No Interface,” and currently works at Google. He began his career working at the world-renowned interaction design consultancy Cooper in San Francisco, and has since worked for innovation teams at Google, Samsung, and Zappos to imagine, design and build the future of technology. “The Best Interface is No Interface” started as an essay that went viral, leading to an international lecture tour, and resulting in a best-selling cult classic book about designing technology that solves problems without the use of screens.

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Lisa Lang

With a name that sounds ripped from a Marvel comic book, Lisa Lang delivers a personality to match - and she has a superpower: Lisa brings people together to create new, innovative, and beautiful products.

Lisa was raised in a Franconian craftsman family, studied Arts, New Media as well as international business management and lived and worked all around the word. In the almost ten years of her career in the IT industry, she’s gained a reputation as a digital information technology and new media game changer. Now Lisa is blending all her experiences with her agency for bespoke wearables technologies,, and has been named one of the top 100 most influential people in wearable tech worldwide.

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