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Product Design
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There’s no such thing as a single perfect design tool. As designers, the tools we use shape us and our work. Thus, to stay in charge, we need to shape our tools and workflows. In this workshop, we’re leaving yesterday’s design software monoliths behind and start exploring a bright future of diverse and complementary design tools. This is the era of the Design Toolchain.

Take aways

– Discuss human machine collaboration to better understand how tools shape our behavior and how we can stay in charge to make best use of it
– Explore the possibilities to customize, extend and build your own design tools
– Learn from design tools makers and get in touch with their processes and practices
– Experience custom tailored design workflows for working with real data and meaningful colors in Sketch hands-on
– Take new design tools and practices with you and adapt them to your own every day needs

Speaker on this track

Christophe Stoll

Christophe founded precious design studio together with friends in 2005. They help innovators to shape meaningful products and services that people love to interact with. precious, in close collaboration with friends and partners, have conceived and crafted several individual design tools, such as "Sketch Data Populator", "Open Color Tools" or "The Product Field" and organized the world’s first "Designtools Hackday" in April 2016 in Hamburg.

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