How to Fail Forward – Maximise Your Return on Failure

Workshop 1 h, 30 min
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“[…] every industry and every organisation will have to transform itself in the next few years, in multiple ways, or fade away.”

As an digital Executive part of your responsibility is to drive innovation in your company. So you are most probably aware, that many of the attempts to start new digital products or business ideas fail. In most cases because companies try to tackle new challenges with the same old tools that created the problems in the first place. One of the aspects is a lacking culture of failure. You might have asked yourself how to avoid such and other traps and provide valuable experiences. In order to build a product that stands even a chance for survival or even success, quick steps and constant iterative feedback loops are needed. This requires learning how to fail fast and fail forward, how to measure failure and learn from it, how to stop being afraid of failure and to celebrate it instead. Our workshop with provide you tools to evaluate, manage and learn from failure in an entertaining and playful way.

Speaker on this track

Agnieszka Walorska

Agnieszka M. Walorska is a founder of a digital consultancy Creative Construction Heroes GmbH (, focusing on User Experience and Digital Innovation. Agnieszka is a speaker and author of publications on User Experience and digital innovation. She has lead successful UX and innovation projects for banks and energy, insurance and media companies. Agnieszka is dealing with digital innovation and User Experience for more then 1/3 of her life now.
When not solving UX- and innovation-problems, she’s training for the next triathlon.

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Wolfram Knelangen

Wolfram Knelangen, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at UJAM, has been working at the forefront of music creation technology for 15 years, pioneering many of the digital instruments and tools being used in the contemporary music production process. After leading software R&D for technology companies such as digidesign, Avid or inMusic, he now spearheads communications at UJAM. Co-founded by Hans Zimmer and Pharrell Williams, UJAM built the first cloud-based music- recording studio and develops a wide range of web and mobile solutions that enable people to create, consume and interact with music. In addition, Wolfram champions and zealously advocates lean and agile product development methodologies, shoots portrait photography for musicians, bands and DJs and is a devoted Pastafarian in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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