Fill the Gap Between Your Idea and Your User’s Needs with Rapid Prototyping

Product Design
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Workshop 1 h, 30 min
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You want to know more about emotional behavior and the desires of your customers? Forget interviews — people are too good at separating their words from their feelings.

Lie back and let customer prototype instead of you! Those prototypes are full of serendipity: they uncover hidden emotions and open new pathways for your UX.

In this workshop you will explore prototyping as a powerful agile user research tool.

Speaker on this track

Zwetana Penova

Zwetana is Design strategist, Scrum Product Owner, blogger and entrepreneur, who explores the ability of design to sensitize different disciplines and to form human behavior. As a User-Researcher and UX-Consultant, Zwetana supports organizations in developing and implementing unique digital strategies. At the moment Zwetana is focused on educational technology and digital knowledge transformation. Together with Anastasia Gramatchikova she is running open Master Classes for Human Centered Design.

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Anastasia Gramatchikova

Anastasia Gramatchikova is a design thinker with a degree in classical music and a master’s degree in digital communication.
She is passionate about human potential, creativity and a user centered approach.
Her professional challenge is to inspire people to find solutions that change their life;
to encourage them to leave their comfort zone and to experience transformation and self-awareness; to integrate different methods such as design thinking, embodiment, visualization and gamification, in order to build a platform for collaboration and innovation.

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