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Product Design

As designers we often build models of the people we are building for and their problems we are trying to solve. But how often do we understand our own models, and our own model making? What happens if we consciously uncover the gaps and differences between the our own individual models and those belonging to the people we are working with? What would be the benefit? In this talk Jason will explore how understanding how we build models — taking signals from our environment and experience, pattern matching and how we fill in the gaps — can allow us to build better models, collaborate more effectively, be more creative, and ultimately connect more effectively with the people we are serving by building products.

Speaker on this track

Jason Cale

Jason is a Product Design Manager at Facebook, where he leads the Local Ads Solutions design team. Creating products that help grow local businesses and bring people into their physical stores. Before Facebook he co-founded a leaderless product company, helped build, which creates personalised books for kids, Newspaper Club, which allows you to design and print your own newspapers and the unified publishing platform that powers

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