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For products that actually fit: the need for good user representations in product strategy

  • #Innovation
  • #Product Design
  • #Skill Fix

When creating digital products and services, the first advice everyone will give you is to “think user-centric!”. This is true and it should start with having a clear picture of who your users are. This fundamental challenge in product strategy and design often degenerates into a hasty, pro forma activity to tick the box of user centricity.

Based on her experience in digital product strategy, Mira Buerger highlights how a good or bad idea of who your users are can have a massive business impact. She outlines how considering diverse and marginalized groups is way more than a nice-to-have task in product strategy and explains which tools you can employ to create more accurate user representations, depending on what kind of product you want to get to market.

Key Takeaways:
/ Understanding of how crucial accurate user representations are for creating successful products and services.
/ Insights into why cliche user representations help no one involved, neither the users nor the people delivering a product.
/ Tools and ideas for creating more accurate user representations.
/ A reminder to the fact that there are no shortcuts for user centricity!

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