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From hipster-centric to human-centred design

  • #Skill Fix
  • #Society

As digital designers or “techies”, we are constantly being told that we have the power to change the world. We tend to see ourselves as creative problem solvers, disruptors and innovators. And we like to repeat these mantras to ourselves over organic flat whites and avocado flavoured craft beers in our bubble of tech meet-ups, design conferences or self-centred documentaries.

But how many of us actually use our alleged creative powers for something more than making rich companies richer, selling more stuff online or solving some other first world problem? Are the change and disruption we bring to neighbourhoods by gentrifying them to death, or the precarious jobs we create with our overfunded innovative startup and the attention-sucking, privacy-ignoring websites, apps and devices we lovingly craft during unpaid extra hours really changing the world for the better? Could it be that we are actually creating more problems than we are solving for a majority of people that are not as digitally enabled or privileged as us?

In his role as a self-hating, humanist hipster, Clive will discuss:
– Ethical considerations every designer should think about
– Ways to use our design powers for social impact
– Learnings from his own efforts to win some karma points
– Why now is the best time to move from hipster-centric to human-centered design.

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