Future Candy Gadget Show


Visit our demo area and try facial recognition, voice control, 3D scanning or put on HoloLens – a self-contained, holographic computer. You could also get an implant allowing you to become a Cyborg and to open doors just with a wave of your hand.

Future Candy provides you with the latest technology and the most important gadgets of the present. 

Zühlke Engineering develops HoloLens apps. They will provide you with insights into the currently hottest IT gadget and demo the impact of mixed reality in our personal and business lives.

Patrick Kramer from Digiwell will talk with you about implants and will introduce you to the fascinating world of biohacking. And if you wish, you could get an RFID implant yourself.

The 3DUniversum (3DU) provides low-cost software solutions for real-time 3D mobile scanning and recognition.

Try out the BigArtRide VR-Experience by Dropstuff. 

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