How to get ahead of what is happening


Tarama is a futurist with love of data and passion for marketing results. In 2012, her company Adobe started actively mining its wealth of data, to discover trends and perspectives of interest to marketers, most of whom were (and still are) struggling to get ahead of what is happening in the digital marketplace. They wondered: Is there anything that would better prepare marketers for this very challenging and ever-changing new world? Tamara Gaffney will show some of her findings and explain how every company can do marketing that is useful and how marketers can do better.

Speaker on this track

Tamara Gaffney

Tamara leads the team of analysts responsible for providing marketers with research and insights captured through aggregated and anonymous data from Adobe Marketing Cloud. Prior to joining Adobe, Tamara worked in the media research and advertising industries. She has spent the majority of her career building products at start-ups as director of product management.

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