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Global mobility study

Copper House Stage
  • #Mobility
  • #Smart Cities
  • #Trends

The fight for a platform play in the automotive industry is in full swing. All OEMs are investing heavily in headquarters, markets and with dealers alike to understand new business potential and how to differentiate themselves. Too many of them drive innovation inside their offices, a safe environment with customers like in a zoo behind bars. For Volkswagen Group, we went into the wild: Six months of research in six countries with real customers, quantitative studies across twelve countries to validate, and six service design sprints to test our findings live. How does movement work? Which structural archetypes does the world of movement have? Which human themes arise for OEMs, their suppliers, city planners and other ecosystem players of mobility to understand and act on? We found out some of the answers and want to share them with you. We are looking forward to running you through our findings and also show you the mobility study tool we created to make this large body of research accessible to transform how movement will look in the future.

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