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How to design political disruption?

  • #Society

Political parties are stuck in their traditions and beliefs coming from strong narratives that defined them for decades. Those narratives do not resonate with many people anymore, they are calling for transformation.

What would it mean to transform politics? What would it take to disrupt the political status quo?

Breaking the silos is a hyper-trend in almost every corporate entity or organization as such. Every organization being aware of the necessity to innovate understands the urgency to work cross-functional as a matter of do or die.

In order to break the power of political silos, we need to make their walls permeable. We need to allow a multiverse of perspectives and solutions, developed with and by the people who are most affected by them. We need to reclaim the narratives in order for them to reflect the heterogeneity of the people they represent. We need to become comfortable with ambiguity in order to start taming the hybrids.

Politics might work as facilitator here. Facilitation is not control. It’s a mean to orchestrate and empower. It’s a way to design political disruption after all.

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