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How to fix mobility – start-up ideas from Germany

Copper House Stage
  • #Innovation
  • #Mobility
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Traffic could run better. Modes of transport show a high path dependency and are often flawed: they consume resources, show insecurities and are not always available for everyone. Transport modes improved primarily in a linear way. In most cases, transportation got a little faster and safer, but there was never a real change.

Today, we reached a turning point in the understanding and provision of mobility. With digital enhancement comes a shift in possibilities of how to move from A to B. Transportation is on the way to become a seamless experience. Plenty of new services offer all kind of vehicles and transport related services. The digital layer of data processing creates manifold possibilities to navigate the physical space.

With the German Mobility Award, the ‘Germany – Land of Ideas’ initiative and the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure spotlight digital innovations and intelligent mobility solutions that have the potential to shape the future mobility.

This session gives an overview of digital approaches to transport challenges in Germany. After outlining the current challenges and trends, three award winners present their projects for a positive digital change in mobility.

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