Consigliere Commerce: Machines as Mentors and Matchmakers

Artificial Intelligence

In this talk technology philosopher Nell Watson will explore how machine intelligence can be deployed as a method of understanding human beings, to catalogue their values and perspectives, and attempt to guess what one is thinking. These techniques unlock new ways to predict behavioural outcomes in an individual and societal level for commercial connections that work and feel like magic, introducing the right client to the perfect product in real-time.

Speaker on this track

Nell Watson

Nell's career in technology and entrepreneurship stems from a great early-age foundation she got from her engineer dad. By the age of 24, she was already teaching post-grad computer science. Soon afterwards she ventured into entrepreneurship, in various projects and ventures, in pursuit of lasting beneficial impact in the world.

In the process of maturing as an entrepreneur she has drifted into being a sought-after public speaker, facilitating a great many workshops, and delivering digestible yet informative lectures on emerging technologies to diverse audiences internationally.

Her work is regularly covered by Wired, BBC, The Guardian, Forbes, Vice, and others.

Nell has a core belief that technology can (and should) be leveraged to free us from the saddest aspects of the human condition. It is this same wellspring of passion that she seeks to ignite within others.

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