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Innovation fix, fix innovation

1h, 45min
  • #Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • #Innovation
  • #Platforms

After the years of innovation labs, incubators and corporate accelerators have passed without leaving behind the transformational impact everyone had hoped for, innovation fatigue has kicked in.

However, the need for transformation becomes even more urgent, with Google and Amazon expanding into more industries and digital players disrupting the economy.

It’s time to rethink innovation from the bottom up.

There’s no silver bullet and no cure-all for transforming corporates into agile start-ups and no shortcut to moving towards user-centricity.

This panel tries to collect a diverse range of perspectives on innovation and distills insights of how different companies deal with the challenge of building transformational products.

Learning from experienced corporates, grown-up start-ups and company builders, we paint a collective picture of all the complex forms and facettes of innovation – from wet idea to success.

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