What should be keeping you up at night? The Future of work

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Raphael Gielgen shows in his speech the map for the future architecture of work. Based on his own experiences and observations, he takes us on a journey around the world to different ways of thinking and solutions for the future world of work and share with us the vitra foresight report: “We have created a world in which stabilizing factors are disappearing and guidance is lacking. Increasingly, we are confronted with disruptive situations in which our assumptions dissolve and severe changes suddenly appear. Established business models are under attack by newcomers and a smart app generates value so quickly, the old world never could have imagined. Out there something is knocking on the door that will require a lot from us and have nothing to do with the changing processes that we can oversee.

The questions are: “What remains from the analog world?” “What´s the purpose of an office in the digital economy?” “How do you business in the age of uncertainty?”

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Raphael Gielgen

Raphael Gielgen has spent most of his professional life working on making the office environment a

better place. His curiosity for architecture, technology and social change in the context of working

environments is his fuel - always connected to the question of how the global working world is

changing and what impact it has on existing business models. Always on a journey to discover how

tomorrow’s work place will look, he regularly meets business leaders, architects and designers, a

community who can put this knowledge to the service of the society. My work informs Vitra´s

approach to improving the quality of offices and public spaces through the power of design by

serving the varied Vitra team with the results of my observations and cognitions by trend clusters,

market analysis and business cases.

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