The Future of Work is Chaos

Artificial Intelligence

In a working world increasingly optimised by AI, robotics and machine learning, human acceleration is of utmost relevance. Achieving this is both easy and hard. The solution involves play. Come explore the future of work …

Speaker on this track

Claire Burge

Claire Burge is best known for radical ideas on cloud technologies, the future of email, optimal working environments and how systems impact human behaviour. She is a regular commentator on TV and radio and she is also a regular contributor to productivity blogs. She is currently working closely with a number of technology start ups to make the workplace a happier one.

She heads up the international productivity training company: This is Productivity in Ireland and has worked with clients such as EY, Johnson and Johnson, Kia, Opel, PWC and KPMG.

Her career started in industrial psychology but very quickly turned to corporate change and turnaround. She brings a unique approach to her work by merging people, finances and the systems that make up the workplace.

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