Fri, 3:00 - 4:30 pm

Leadership is Broken

  • #New Work
  • #Strategy
1 h, 30 min
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Why traditional models fail in the face of fundamental change – and how to replace them.

Our economy’s digital transformation isn’t just about product innovation—it’s about disrupting whole markets and fully replacing entrenched business models. Traditional leadership models are ill-equipped to deal with this kind of profound change and the uncertainty it implies: Our trusted methods for aligning and accelerating corporate action suddenly lead to confusion and paralysis. Finding new leadership models becomes a matter of survival for our businesses.

Why exactly do the old models fail? Why is it so hard for leaders to acknowledge the fundamental nature of this failure? Where can we find inspiration for a different approach? And how do we kickstart the organizational change necessary to implement it?

This workshop faciliates an honest and profound discussion of the challenges corporate leaders are facing today and provides a host of mental models and cognitive tools to deal with the complexity of change.

Speaker on this session

Wolfgang Wopperer-Beholz

Co-founder and Managing Partner, mindmatters