Learnings from interacting with technology – chatbots and VR

Product Design

‘Trust me I’m a Robot’

We are looking for understanding and for being understood in every aspect of life. The more fluent this works in any conversation or interaction, the more we are willing to trust someone. Even if that someone is a robot.

A perfect example for how this doesn’t work is with the launch of Facebook chatbot platform. It was promised to be the future of interfaces. But it has only seemed to frustrate users by broadly misunderstanding replies, forcing people to turn back to traditional app and web interfaces.

Nevertheless, we as a company have gained a lot of experience over the past 1,5 year, developing Vodafone’s chatbot and researching chatbots and A.I. in general. We’d love to share this knowledge. The do’s and don’ts.

In a different field like health, we have also found that talking with A.I. in VR can give real interesting results. It can change the users perception of treatments, in other words: they open up more to technology than to the therapist.

In this talk you will find out that every technology, and expression has it’s own unique advantages and disadvantages. We will go through the advantages and disadvantages for business and people considering Chatbots and for VR.

Speaker on this track

Robert Overweg

Robert Overweg is an artist and expert in the field of Virtual Worlds. He guides some of the most leading international companies in making the digital transformation. Robert gives lectures, creates art, offers companies guidance in concept development, strategy and the execution of this.

He believes that design and technology can also facilitate in making the world a better place. Robert has developed several branches in VR. With Beyond Care the focus is on makings people’s lives better through VR. By improving treatments, reducing pain, or desensitising traumatic experiences through Virtual Reality.

As an international speaker, he asks his audience to embrace technology, but with a critical view, just like he tries to maintain.

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