Mass Virtual Reality Marketing ain’t Rocket Science – Here is How To

Google Cardboards (Virtual Reality Viewers made from cardboard) are not for nerds, but for the the masses. Put your phone in and you are ready for the new world: Virtual Reality. 16 million Cardboards are world-wide in circulation. That are more than 80% of all VR Viewers out there.
Without a doubt, Virtual Reality Marketing will be/is in fact an important topic. Part of the customer journey already takes place there. Virtual Reality shops, travel bookings, user generated content, VR concerts, VR analytics,… are happening right now.
In this workshop we will show you the state of the art, examples, best practices and future trends focused on mass virtual reality marketing with the Google Cardboard.
Charge your phones and get ready! Cardboards will be provided.

Speaker on this track

Hendrik Schicke

As a serial entrepreneur, Hendrik founded his first two startups (custom beverage presents and a supply chain consultancy) while studying in Hannover industrial engineering. He finished his Master in Shanghai and KEIO University in Tokyo and started afterwards in Berlin as a supply chain consultant.

With this background in supply chain, marketing and interest in new technology, he saw as one of the first the potential of virtual realty for marketing and founded MR.CARDBOARD.

Today is MR.CARDBOARD the market leading brand in Europe and world-wide #3 for custom branded Virtual Reality Viewers (also known as Google Cardboard). Among his world-wide top clients are Google, RedBull, Coca Cola, Axel Springer, BMW, Lufthansa, Diageo, Vodafone etc.

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